(94) Urban study of a new housing estate in the outskirts of Bratislava, sk, 2009

1/8 masterplan (j. Bosch + gutgut)









The assignment is a project of a new residential quarter on the periphery of Bratislava. Among 21 other teams Ksastudeny were asked to process the chosen area in a master plan of the team of John Bosch architects. The centre of the complex is a park that should be surrounded by block buildings in an orthogonal grid of roads. The residential blocks shall be divided among the teams of architects. We suggest six autonomous residential units are built within the ground plant of the original area scheme. Each of them has a unique ground plan developed around the gravity centre identical with the gravity centre of the block. The variable form indicates flexibility and variability of the solution. Some of the houses have their own micro space – O, D; some are semi opened towards the park – V; and some are open or more of solitaires – X, Y. We reckon that the suggested variability of the space composition may better support the articulation of the homogenous structure of the master plan and create a more hospitable environment for living in a new city.


Location Bratislava, sk
Year 2009
Status study
Client Grunt Bratislava
Size site 34000 m2, usable area 48720 m2
Program living, parking, amenities


David Kopecký, Ján Studený,
Ladislav Bartko, Pavel Mejtský, Martin Mihály,
cooperation: Ján Miškov, Maroš Bátora, Daniel Silva
external cooperation: M+M architects /Stanislav Meliš, Jozef Michalko/
consultants: Milan Janák /light/, Daniela Neumannová /traffic/