(126) reconstruction of the country-house, carovigno puglia, it, 2013












The proposal suggests minimal necessary interventions to the existing built form. The layout of rooms is complemented by an inventory of built-in furniture typologies constructed on-site. There is a possibility to extend a maximum of 20% of existing built-up surface, i.e. approximately 30m2. This are is split into 2 extensions expanding from the volume of house2 – one being an enlargement of the kitchen (side extension), and the other one of the room (rear extension). The rear extension is meant to be incorporated within a more spacious veranda behind the house2, later used as an atelier, storage or a garage.
The proposal for the courtyard between the both houses is based on an inventory of programmatic items defined in the “generel”. It counts on a construction of a pool with a new water tank, a sliding molo for the pool, an external seating area, a large dining table and an external kitchen counter (with a grill). The floor surface in between the houses is white (painted) concrete and around the houses white gravel stone, acting as a transition layer between the central courtyard and the garden around.
The most dominant feature is a proposed orthogonal grid (cca 4,8m x 4,6m) of 15 columns (white steel or galva; diameter 80mm; height 2600mm). The columns are supports for a net of metallic cables which are used to fix shading fabric – a white reflective knitted textile fabric possibly in 2 layers, depending on the desired amount of blocked sunlight.


Location carovigno, puglia, it
Year 2013
Status under construction
Client private
Size site: 750 m2, houses: 150 m2
program renovation of the courtyard, extension, interior renovation, built-in furniture


ján studený, marián počuch