(112) Family house on the sloped site with view to the beech forest , pernek, sk, 2009-22

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Our intention was to create utility house which benefits from the conditions of the slopy site. The main idea is to create a house that provide the observation of the almost wild forrest in front the house, something close to the hunter's shooting box. The positioning of the house along the road provide the free space for garden in the under the slope. The house does not stand out, it adopts the mimicry of the surroundings with it's green roof.
Structure of the house is a concrete shell – left rough in the interior. the front side, fully glazed with slide opening towards south oriented living and bad rooms to the garden.


Location Pernek, SK
Year 2009 - 2022
Status realized
Client P. Moťovský, S. Studená
Size 200 m2
Program living space for a young family


Ján Studený
team Daniel Silva, Maroš Bátora