(25) National Technical Library at the campus of Technical University in Dejvice, Prague cz, 2000








The Building of the library may become the focal point of the whole university campus of the Technical University as it is placed on the intersection of the main communication routes of the campus. We consider it as a space grid with an orthogonal pattern in a 4 meter module and two basic modes – solid core with the library storage and a pole-like outline around the centre that provides relatively free composition of the general and communication spaces. This composition reflects the basic assumption of the book flow in each of the libraries borrowing books determined by the distance of the storage and the delivery desk or study room. All the flat fitments including the floors are made of glass. Our aim was to create not only the centre of the campus but also a visible point from the square that could become the centre of Dejvice and form a skyline together with the hotel Internacional. The house does not have a shell in a classic perception; the scheme is cut into a shape of a cube of 92x92x92 meters outgrowing the measure of the surrounding Engel palaces.


Location Prague, CZ
Year 2000
Status competition
Client National Technical Library
Size 23 000 m2
Program entry, offices, reading rooms, book - stores, parking


David Kopecký, Ján Studený
collaboration: Miro Hazucha, Norbert Gáfrik, Kateřina Horáková