(46) study of an open architecture/next, 2002


Modular is a colonizing scheme of the individualized society. It is an open cosmopolitan organizing housing culture of the future, applied within the space of existing cities. The Modular system results in organized spatial structures which are hung onto or inserted between buildings. The outer form of the structures reflects the choices of the individual users. It is not meant to compete with the existing architecture. It is just another layer of t he urban landscape.
The study of building system combines prefabricated composite skeleton and recyclable polymer panels that are made with 3DPtm three-dimensional print technology.
The 3D panels enhance the process of developing new techniques, such as imitating your favorite existing objects, changing parameters, altering imitated objects, and so on. Technology that makes a prototype for the price of a mass-produced object will shift the economics of the system. The marketing strategy can offer the client (or developer’s client) participation in making the product and therefore the chance to co-develop the architecture that the client wants to use or own.
More freedom? More space? More options? Use this new technology and become the architect of your house!
1. Visit the system's virtual salesman on the web and get software to design your own house!
2. Visit the modular170 sample house!
3. Use the program to help you create your design within the spatial constraints afforded by the place you want to live!
4. Design the panels, or let architects design them for you, or choose from the catalogue!
5. Add or change panels of your house anytime!




David Kopecký, Ján Studený,
team: Pavel Mejtský, Martin prokeš, David Kazický, Lukáš Brom, Jan Kadlas, Josef Tlustý, Martin Hejl, Katya Hristova, Agata Kizsková, Pavel Hladík, Jan Pajúrek, Ondřej Semerák, Martin Vojta,
consultations: Marián Zervan, Monika Mitášová, Imro vaško
in collaboration with NG prague for the Czech Pavilion at the International Biennale of Architecture in Venice – Next 2002