(43) cometition entry for a new philharmonic hall in Brno, CZ, 2006








City is a vivid organism developed by gradual activities. The scheme of the suggested object continues this principle and it is composed of the main operational substances and the shape is reminiscent of the existing outgrown organism of the city. It might be considered with a little exaggeration as a cover of a musical instrument, the space inside as the source of the music and the outer parts as the case. The house is not transparent and appears to be solid and more over wood as material behaves differently each time – according to the intensity of light, weather or the season. Despite the extensive building program it creates an acceptable substance especially in the parterre that is variable from different points of view. The parterre is of an irregular shape that copies the interior operational spaces within the ground floor and various vivid lines at street level.
The Great Hall is designed for 1760 persons, the auditorium of the focal area of a rectangular shape is for 1360 persons and it continues into acoustic cells. The proportions and the dimension of the great hall are in accordance with the recommended optimal dimensions (contest documentation) and according to comparisons with reference buildings of a similar type. The ratio of the hall sides is approx. 3/5 and the dimensions are 53.0 x 24.6 m with average height of approximately 25 meters.


Location Brno, CZ
Year 2006
Status competition
Client town of Brno
Size m2
Program big saal 1750 seats, small saal 250 seats, foyer, administration, cafe,
parking, technical background


David Kopecký, Ján Studený
colaboration: Martin Vojta