(178) exhibition concept, brno cz, 2021




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The content of the design is the spatial solution of the exhibition of Stano Filko Register curated by Boris Ondreička in the Fait Gallery in Brno. Concept, method of installation, shape and material solution of individual installation elements and their location in space.
Filko's work is a series of exhibitions and their mutual installation forms a separate universe. I believe that this was the intention of his work - to create his own, all-embracing world, the center of which is himself, respectively. reproduced by him, a multiple reflection of reality. It contains a repetition of balloons and rockets, which are objects with the aura of invention, mirror mazes are objects of their own spatial equilibrium. The object of the Registration is also a huge complex of objects and classical painting and sculptural works. The idea of Registration is not to exhibit them as artistic objects, but to organize them into one's own spatial scheme forming an organized structure.
The concept is based on the principle of placing registration elements in a grid. They are arranged in individual "departments" on the basis of a curatorial structure, the guiding line of which is not the type, size and technique, but the content of Filko's work. Their purpose is to help him "read", which should be helped by the arrangement in the registration scheme in the form of archives.


location brno (cz)
year 2021
client fait gallery
size 1500 m2
program exhibition


jan studeny
julia kollathova