(56) Extension of the town art gallery, bremen ge, 2005






The building of the Kunsthalle is, in our perception, a sheer house – a house in a park. The assignment is considered with addition – an extension to the present building on a set estate with a specified program. The thesis of design A is terrain and its morphology and design B, on the other hand, is concerned with the contact of the artificial (gallery) and the natural (park) world and their intersections. The city park in Bremen running around the old town was established within the area of the former city walls. Thanks to the remarkable topography and the moat it is the central element of the city. The value of the park should not be further devalued by a classical building. The park is a greater motivation for the Kunsthalle extension than just a distinctive representative building.
Our interest is focused onto two main lines: it is always a contact of two different worlds; their mutual uncovering and covering are the focal motives of the design. The walls of the building continue the terrain but they are different: the terrain is soft, wavy and its surface constantly changes…., the walls of the building are sloping surfaces with a solid skin made of polymer – the water-resistant substance creates a continuous shell. The shell construction of the self-sufficient external cladding enables us to use a free ground plan without classic supports. We are also adding to the discussion a variant B with an underground exposition on the southern part of the Kunsthalle and an administration building above the Duttman’s structure. The extension creates a continuous pedestrian carpet naturally embedded in the park. It also suggests further possibilities of future extensions to the building.


Location Bremen, GE
Year 2005
Status competition
Client Kunstverein Bremen
Size 5000 m2
Program exposition spaces, deposit, storages, offices, auditorium


David Kopecký, Ján Studený, Martin Vojta, Pavel Mejtský
team Laco Bartko, Peter Žiak, Martin Mihály